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November lunch and learn November 8th

Bonus member content!!!   

 This month is going to be a presentation from Lars Garshol author of Historical Brewing Techniques. He will be speaking about "Oven Baked Beers" starting at 12pm on November 8th  be sure to tune in and be ready to expand your brewing skills!    Check out his blog https://www.garshol.priv.no/blog/

National Homebrew Day !!

Are you brewing Nov 7th for National Learn to Hombrew Day?? Members here is your change to take over the SCC IG page and share to the world what you are brewing and how you do it! Reach out to our Social Director for more details on how you can be featured on IG live!!  Also if you pledge to brew the AHA is giving a $5 discount on new memberships! Head on over to the AHA website and pledge

October Virtual Meeting

This month we have some tasty treats to try from 8one8 brewing

Machete Mexican Lager

El Jefe Del Trigo citrus wheat ale

Reseda Rye IPA 

1st Stage IPA

Brian and Derek are set to join us for some conversation about their beers.  October 16th via our usualy zoom channels. Stayed tuned to the details !

Intro to Water Chemistry

We have a cool bonus meeting this month. The American Homebrewers Association is lending the club one of their governing members to share a presentation on "Intro to Water Chemisty" . Beer is 90% water and can play a big factor in your recipies flavor profile. Be sure to join us!

October 11th at 12:00

Members in the Wild!

The results for VIBE Going Wild Sour & Belgian Hombrew Competition are in!!

SCC very won Jay Perez takes home BOS for his Gueze!! He also brings home a 3rd place ribbon for his Flander Red

Guillermo Paramount and Erasmo Pacasangre earned a 2nd place ribbon for their Backyard Wild Gose

Alex Alonzo also earned a 2nd place ribbon for La Nina Fresa a fruited sour beer.

Congrats everyone! Way to represent SCC!

Collab ALERT!

Join us this Thursday, Sept 24th, at @brewjeriacompany in Pico Rivera for the highly anticipated release of LOS VENDORS - a beer collab with our good friends @brewjeriacompany & @norwalkbrewhouse. Can art design by the great @laloalcaraz1!

A portion of proceeds will benefit the Los Angeles Street Vendor Campaign’s Street Vendor Emergency Fund.

Ready to make your first batch of beer?

for some info on how to get started


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Beer of the month

Sierra Nevada

   Wild Little Thing

The club was fortunate enough to have this tasty little can included in our recent virtual tasting. Wild Little Thing "slightly sour" ale comes in at a totally drinkable 5.5% abv brewed with guava hibiscus and strawberry. The color is a very attractive cherry red that pours more like a fizzy juice drink. Overall impression from the club was a unanimous thumbs up, a well executed and balanced beer. This beer can appeal to the wide spread consumer that a large craft company like Sierra Nevada needs to satisfy. Very refreshing and super drinkable with splash of fruit and a touch of sour. cheers!


Ash Eliot

Tony Nunez

Dr G

Peter Sandoval

Jose Franco


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