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Somos Cerveceros Y Cerveceras

The SoCal Cerveceros is a Latino based homebrew club, founded on a passion for home brewing and a love for craft beer. SCC serves as a hub for local brewers to hone their skills, further their brewing knowledge and seek support from a collective of like-minded individuals.


What began as seven brewers coming together to share brewing experiences, quickly grew into a full fledged club over the course of a few bottle shares and a couple tasting events. 

The club now consist of 150+ members spread across southern California. We continue to grow and remain the largest Latino Homebrew club in the country but our size does not keep us from being deeply rooted in our communities. We come from all walks of life everything from a craft beer enthusiast to home and commercial brewer as well as small businesses.  


Although distinctively Latino, SCC welcomes anyone who shares our passion for great beer and giving back to our community 

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