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Section 1 - Name

The name of this organization shall be SoCal Cerveceros
Section 2 - Purpose
The SoCal Cerveceros (SCC) is a Latinx based home brew club, founded on a passion for home brewing and a love for craft beer. SCC serves as a hub for local brewers to hone their skills, further their brewing knowledge, seek support from a collective of like-minded individuals, and to serve as a forum for the technological and cross-cultural aspects of the art of brewing; and to encourage personal responsibility when using beer or other alcohol-containing beverages. From beginner to seasoned big batch brewer, to the craft beer enthusiast who doesn't brew, SCC members represent all skill levels of home brewing. With a strong focus on community, increasing diversity and inclusion in craft beer, SCC is dedicated to promoting the art of homebrewing by hosting tasting events, giving back to various charitable nonprofits and patronizing Latinx owned breweries, taprooms, bars and restaurants. Although distinctively Latinx, SCC welcomes all people in Los Angeles/Orange county and its surroundings.
Section 3 - Goals
a. To promote the hobby and enjoyment of home brewing.
b. To participate in social activities focused on home brewing and/or craft beer as a common foundation.
c. To learn more about beer, beer evaluation, and brewing techniques.
d.. To organize philanthropic activities to benefit local community organizations
e. To inspire and encourage diversity and inclusion in craft beer.
f. To foster networking among amateur and commercial brewers that support the further growth of individual members.

Section 4 - Affiliations
a. SoCal Cerveceros is an American Homebrewers Association affiliated club.
b. Is associated with the California Home brew Association.
c. Holds competitions and/or competes using the guidelines for brewing and judging styles of beer and mead as outlined by the Beer Judging Certificate Program.

Section 1 - Hold Harmless Responsibility For Actions

a. Each member’s participation in SoCal Cerveceros is strictly voluntary. Each member realizes that participation in SoCal Cerveceros activities may involve the consumption of alcoholic beverages, which may affect perception and reactions. All members shall be responsible for their own conduct and actions as well as those of their guests. Each member and guests of members accepts sole responsibility and all liability for their conduct behavior and actions and agrees to indemnify and hold harmless SoCal Cerveceros, its Officers, its members and any business (including owners, staff and patrons) where meetings are held from any and all claims or liability whatsoever resulting from actions of SoCal Cerveceros, its members and guests of members. Through membership in SoCal Cerveceros, each member agrees to and is bound by this article and the attached Rules of Conduct incorporated herein.
b. No individual general member nor any member of the Board, nor any authorized representative of SoCal Cerveceros shall be personally liable for any debt or obligation of the club.
c. No member shall receive compensation for services rendered to the club except as otherwise approved by the officers of the club. A member may be reimbursed for expenses reasonably incurred on behalf of the club, subject to approval of the club officers.

Section 2 - Rights of Members
a. Each regular member of SoCal Cerveceros shall have the right to vote on club matters. Voting rights for other types of members are described in Article V.

Section 3 - General Membership
a. General Membership is unlimited and open to any individual person interested in the advancement of homebrewing, and who will support the charter, culture, and basic policies of this club, subject only to compliance with the provisions of the bylaws. Members are not required to brew beer. Only members of the club shall be eligible to participate in its business meetings, or serve in any of its elective or appointed positions. All women, men, BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ whether they brew or not are encouraged to apply.
b. The purpose of General Membership is to provide a support base from which the Board of Directors can form action committees.
c. General Membership provides guidance and assistance to the Board of Directors on issues that are within the purview, charter, and function of the club.
d. General Membership provides an opportunity to give feedback on issues and concerns that need to be brought to the attention of the Board of Directors. Members wishing to present ideas to the Board for consideration should do so in writing via email. Emails can be sent to
e. Affords a pool of members to draw from for the election of the Board of Directors, and all members vote in the annual election of that board.

Section 4 - Eligibility
a. All persons of legal age to consume alcoholic beverages in the state of California are eligible for membership. Membership in this club shall be available without discrimination.

Section 5 - Membership Year
a. The membership year will be the twelve (12) month year from date dues are paid.
Section 6 - Dues
Payment of annual dues is calculated per member.

a. Solo Memberships
- Pay $30 (Reg annual fee) - You get: Merchandise for one + 1 discounted pass for either of our annual fundraisers.
b. Group Membership Option
- Pay $50 - You get all the goods of an individual membership for two people. Each additional person in your group will be $25
c. Honorary Membership
- Board of Directors may elect to designate any person an Honorary Member for a time period determined by the Board at the time of dispensing Honorary Membership. Honorary Membership entitles such club perks determined by the Board of Directors at the time of election of that title.

Section 7 - Suspension or Expulsion for a Cause
a. Any member may be suspended or expelled from membership upon a showing of willful disregard of these bylaws, Rules of Conduct, or other actions detrimental to SoCal Cerveceros in any way, as determined by a majority vote of the Board of Directors.
b. The charges against the member will be considered at a regular Board of Directors Meeting or a Special Meeting called for that specific purpose. The member will be notified of the charges and date, time and place of the meeting. The member may appear and respond to the charges.
c. The decision of the Board of Directors shall be final.

Section 8 - Reinstatement
a. A suspended or expelled member, or one who has resigned with disciplinary action pending, may be returned to full membership upon a two-thirds approval vote of the Board of Directors and payment of current dues.


Section 1 - Board of Directors

a. The purpose of the Board of Directors is to provide responsible leadership, an administrative structure to conduct business and shall be responsible for the management of the affairs of the club. Officers must have been members in good standing for the past 12 months. All legislative and executive powers shall be given to and controlled by the Board of Directors.

Section 2 - Elected Officers
The elected Officers of SoCal Cerveceros shall be:
1. President 2. Vice President 3. Secretary 4. Treasurer 5. Head of Competitions 6. Director of Recruitment & Membership 7. Tacomeister 8. Club Historian 9. Social Director.
Section 3 - Term of Office
a. The term of office for The Board of Directors shall be for one (1) year.
b. The Board of Directors should participate in all meetings upon election if possible.
c. There are no term limits for any elected officer so long as he/she is elected in accordance with Article 5.
d. No member shall run for President without first having served in a previous elected role for a full year

Section 4 - Removal from Office
a. Any officer missing three Board of Directors meetings and/or six membership meetings during his/her term of office, without reasonable excuse, shall be removed from office and replaced as soon as possible.
b. A reasonable excuse shall be determined by the Board of Directors.
c. Any officer, as determined by a majority of the Board of Directors, found not performing their duties, may be removed from office, subject to the approval by a majority vote of the membership at the next membership meeting following a report from Board of Directors to the membership.

Section 5 - Vacancy of Office
a. Any interim vacancy on the Board of Directors shall be filled by appointment by the Board of Directors, subject to the approval by a majority vote of the membership at the next membership meeting following the vacancy. In the event the membership votes down the appointment by The Board of Directors, there will be open nominations for the vacant office and an election held at said membership meeting to fill the vacancy.

Section 6 - Returning of SoCal Cerveceros Property

a. All elected officers and any members, upon completion of their term in office or assignment, shall return to SoCal Cerveceros any and all papers, documents, and property deemed to be important to the operation and history of, and belonging to, SoCal Cerveceros. Failure to comply may result in expulsion from SoCal Cerveceros and civil action if deemed necessary.

Section 7 - Resignation of Office
a. Resignation is immediate, and officers shall follow section 6 guidelines. Any officer who does not complete their term shall be probationary for the rest of their term plus one year and may not run for office during that period. Office, if willing, can remain a member and retain all the benefits of being a SoCal Cervecero member.
Section 8 - Online Presence
a. All social media platforms, websites, and electronic communications will be administered by board members only.

Article IV - Duties of Board of Directors

Section 1 - President

a. To uphold the bylaws and Constitution of SoCal Cerveceros.
b. To interpret the bylaws and Constitution of SoCal Cerveceros when necessary.
c. To set the theme and agenda for the meetings.
d. To call meetings to order and conduct them in an orderly manner.
e. To call for special meetings when necessary.
f. To form committees when necessary.
g. Shall nominate a board member for all committees.
h. Shall review financial records of the club on a regular basis.
i. Shall have no vote on motions made at membership meetings and/or Board of    Directors meetings, except to break a tie.
j. Shall act as club ambassador and liaison at all times during term of office.
k. To proctor nominations and elections.

Section 2 - Vice-President
a. To assist the President with his duties.
b. To oversee raffles and auctions at events and membership meetings.
c. To encourage and coordinate the monthly club shop brewing sessions, including finding brew masters, brewers and brewing times.
d. If the President is absent from a meeting, the Vice-President shall assume the President's power for that meeting.
e. Shall act as club ambassador and liaison at all times during term of office
f. To proctor nominations and elections.
g. Monitor club’s online presence.
Section 3 - Secretary
a. To take the minutes of Board of Directors meetings
b. To maintain a file of all minutes
c. To submit shareable information to President for publication online
d. If the President and Vice-President are both absent from a meeting, then the Secretary shall chair the meeting.
e. Responsible for maintaining the schedule for the meeting and keeping the meeting focused on the topic. Any additional topics that may arise will have time allocated towards the end of the planned agenda.
f. Assist the President and Vice President to proctor nominations and elections.

Section 4 - Treasurer

a. To administer the SoCal Cerveceros finances.
b. To collect and document monies owed to SoCal Cerveceros.
c. To manage the club’s checkbook and arrange to have the President, Vice President and Treasurer have check signing authority.
c. To reimburse expenses incurred by members on behalf of SoCal Cerveceros.
d. To submit a report to the Board of Directors on a quarterly basis, or when requested by the President.
e. To maintain the inventory and dispersion of club gear, e.g. t-shirts, hats, glasses and more.

Section 5 - Head of Competitions
a. Shall organize, coordinate, and promote all aspects of club-sponsored competitions, including the invitation and hosting of judges, recruitment and assignment of stewards, cellar master and administrative assistants.
b. Shall arrange and coordinate for a facility capable of supporting the competition.
c. Responsible for the proper storage, tracking and accounting of entries received.
d. Responsible for procuring awards/medals for winning entries.
e. Responsible for ensuring all entrants have received all awards and judging sheets for each entry.
f. Shall assist in facilitating club only and/or individual entries for participation in any AHA or other competitions.
g. Shall organize a minimum of 2 competitions in the term year. Competitions shall be internal and/or open.
H. Preferred to have previous experience coordinating competitions and/or have BJCP certification.

Section 6 - Director of Recruitment & Membership
The duties of the Director of Recruitment & membership shall be as follows:
a. To maintain a current roster of members.
b. To issue new member materials.
c. To organize membership drives.

Section 7 - Tacomeister
a. The duties of the Tacomeister shall be to arrange food for meetings, judging and events in partnership with the Social Director if needed.
b. To assist festival committees in recruiting and securing food vendors for all SoCal Cerveceros events where food is required.
Section 8 - Club Historian

The duties of Club Historian shall be as follows:
a. Take pictures and/or video at all club meetings and events.
b. To maintain a record of the club's history and events, including, but not limited to, photographs, press coverage (physical & digital).
c. To produce a quarterly newsletter aggregated from board member, club members and events.
Section 9 - Social Director
a.Plan and coordinate club “social events”(Non ticketed events) that will be open to all members of the club, each board year. The purpose of these events will be to encourage fellowship and social bonds between club members while enjoying cultural and recreational offerings of Southern California or for the simple purpose of celebration.
b. Maintain social harmony amongst members.
c. Help maintain social media presence and engaging members digitally and in person.
d. To arrange to have guest speakers and demonstrations at membership meetings.

Section 10 - Member(s) At Large
a. The unelected and optional position of Member at Large is designated for member(s) approved by the Board of Directors who wish to actively participate and comment on the governance of the club. They shall have no official authority or duties except those prescribed to them by the Board of Directors.


Section 1 - Eligibility

a. All members with voting rights as described under Articles II & III and have paid current dues, shall be eligible to vote.

Section 2 - Items Put to Vote
a. The following items will be decided by a vote of the general membership at a regularly scheduled meeting:
- Election of officers - Changes in bylaws - Spending of funds greater than $750.00 by a vote of the Board of DIrectors - Any other issues offered by an officer.
b. Any issue, other than proposed By-Law Amendments and the Election of Officers, may be considered by the membership at a Regular Meeting prior to the meeting at which the issue will be considered. The issue must be raised in the form of a motion and requires a second before being considered. Any issue considered and defeated by the majority of the members at the meeting may not be considered again for six (6) calendar months.

Section 3 - Quorum
a. A voting quorum at a membership meeting shall be no less than ten percent (10%) of the paid membership as reported by the Director of Recruitment & Membership at the last Board of Directors meeting previous to the membership meeting where a vote(s) is (are) to be taken.
b. A quorum at a Board of Directors meeting shall consist of one half of the elected Officers plus one.

Section 4 - Nominations
a. Nominations will be opened and taken from the floor at the regular meeting in June and will close after one week. A list of nominees will be published in the secretary's meeting notes and made available to all members through email, and online. Members unable to attend June’s meeting and wishing to make a nomination may do so by contacting the club president or secretary any time before but no later than one week after the June meeting.

Section 5 -Election Dates
a. Elections shall be held annually in July, with new officers taking office in September.

Section 6 - Voting Method
a. Election of officers shall be by controlled ballot. All members in good standing shall be eligible to cast a ballot at the July meeting. Members unable to attend the July meeting may cast an online vote via a ballot that will be sent to all active members in good standing at their registered/current email address.
b. Votes on other issues may be conducted by any appropriate method that insures a fair determination of a majority decision of eligible voting members as determined by the officers.

Section 1 - General Meetings

a. General meetings of SoCal Cerveceros shall be held every third Friday of the month at a predetermined set time and at an official meeting venue unless changed by a majority of club officers and upon written or electronic notice of the change to the members.

Section 2 - Board of Directors Meetings
a. Board of Directors meetings shall be once a month at a time and place called by the President. All officers are required to attend and submit any status updates.

Section 3 - Annual Meeting
a. The Annual Meeting shall be the membership meeting in July each year for the purpose of electing Officers to the Board of Directors, considering proposed By-Law Amendments that were not included in quarterly reviews/amendments and conducting other regular meeting business.
Section 4 - Special Meetings
a. Special meetings, club sponsored events, club involved parties, field trips, workshops, and pub-crawls may be organized and approved. Announcements will be made to all current members. There may be additional requirements or fees involved in these types of meetings. Examples include, bringing a covered food dish, bringing beer, contributing brewing equipment, ingredients or information, and paying various fees or costs.

Section 1 - Non-Profit Status

a. SoCal Cerveceros has applied for a 501(c)3 non-profit status.


Section 1 - Acceptance

a. These bylaws are accepted at the time of adoption by a majority vote of current members.
Section 2 - Amendments or Changes
a. The Board of Directors will meet quarterly and annually to review the bylaws.
b. The Board may make necessary corrections (grammatical, spelling, or changes in Board titles or responsibilities,) at any time with the contentious majority of Board Members.
c. Changes, additions, or deletions affecting the rights and/or privileges of members, the conduct of meetings or any other significant proposition for changes of these bylaws submitted by the Board or General memberships will be reviewed and approved by the Board prior to a vote of the General Member, in accordance with Section 2-D of this Article.
d. Any member or members may petition for a change or amendment to the bylaws. The petition must be presented in writing and introduced at a regular meeting. The proposed changes or amendments shall be published for review by the membership, in the newsletter or by a special mailing to all members, at least thirty days prior to the meeting at which the changes will be voted on. Amendments or changes must be approved by a majority vote of all current voting members.

All members, guests, and visitors of SoCal Cerveceros will be required to read and sign the Rules of Conduct.

1. Members must be 21, the legal drinking age for the State of California.
2. The laws of the ABC and the State of California for the consumption and the production, distribution and
use of Alcohol apply to all members at all meetings.
3. Members will respect the property, rules and staff of the host meeting site, before, during and after any club meetings or events. Any member, who is obviously or appears to be alcohol impaired, when asked, will surrender their keys and arrangements for a ride or designated driver will be made.
4. Members exhibiting violence, abusive language, intoxication or unbecoming/unruly conduct during club meetings or events will be expelled from the function.
5. Members should demonstrate respect for one another in all forms of communication. Any abusive, derogatory, or otherwise generally negative language will not be tolerated in any general forums of communication, be that in person or electronic.

Failure to comply with the Rules of Conduct will constitute a review of membership and may result in temporary suspension of membership or privileges, expulsion, or in the case of damage, restitution, as defined in ARTICLE II SECTION 7 SUSPENSION AND EXPULSION FOR CAUSE of the Bylaws.



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