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Tyler Sadler


I use a classic cooler brew system with a converted keggle. It looks like a lot, but the camlocks and pump make transferring liquids super easy and once I get a proper stand, I will be set! I love the cooler because it holds temperature really well without me having to check on it. The 15 gallon keggle helps to avoid boil overs and gives me the ability to brew higher alcohol beers. My 8 gallon bayou classic is now used for an HLT, but I will use it for BIAB if I’m doing a 3 gallon or low ABV 5 gallon batch! Everything here was pretty cheap as I gathered most of it off craigs and offerup except the bayou which was a birthday gift to myself. It’s definitely a frankenbrew system but I love the DIY feel of it. For serving I have a 7cuft keezer that fits 3 corny kegs and a 5# tank.

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