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Violet Kaplan


My one gallon brewing works best for me as it allows me to experiment and create recipes more often. It’s also easier to brew, I brew in a bag. When brewing 5 gallons it involves more steps including having the sparge water to rinse the grains in the mash tun. I don’t like using lots of equipment as there is more to clean. The brew kettle I use fits easily on the stove using one burner to boil and it’s easier to clean as it fits in the sink. Cooling the wort is also A LOT faster, I use an ice bath. I brew a variety of beers and with larger quantities I am not able to brew as often since I would have to finish the beer in the kegerator, 5 gallons of beer, before I brew again. 1.75gallons stackable mini keg, leaves room for expansion:Kegerator, allows for conditioning and enjoying straight from a tap: 4 gallon boil kettle, leaves room for the grains and prevents boil over as there is enough space: 2 different fermentation clear vessels, a glass jug and a wide mouth fermenter for fruit additions. With the fermentors being clear I can see the activity. A mini siphon, to transfer the beer to the keg without the yeast trub: A mini fridge to ferment in, with an attached temperature control device. 2 one gallon fermenters easily fit in here

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