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Small Batch Brewing

Small Batch brewing is considered anything less than 5 gallons. This can often be completed on a stove top with minimal equipment

Starting small is the quickest way to get a taste of homebrewing without dropping some major cash on something you may or may not enjoy. There are commercial kits sold that send everything you need minus a brewing pot right to your door. Ready to go with grains, hops, yeast a 1 gallon fermenter a small amount of a cleaning agent and sanitizer. Results will vary depending on how well you follow instructions and understand the process but its still a good exercise to get a feel for homebrewing. A good idea when first starting out is to keep it simple and view your first batch as an experience then decide if making beer is something you like. It takes a good amount of time and paitence not to mention alot of cleaning to make beer. 

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